I offer both training services and consultations. Training services can be done in various formats- individual lessons or packages; and with you as primary trainer or with me in that position.  Consultations include behavioral evaluations and helping you find your next dog.  I offer extensive follow up and flexibility.  My specialty is in-home training.  With the dog’s home as the training environment, specific issues can be addressed more accurately.

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 1.01.45 PMLooking for your next friend?  I can meet with you to help you with your search.  I’ll listen to your wishes and explain some very important things to consider when choosing your next dog.  We all fall for those pictures on websites, but if we can keep our heads involved as well as our hearts, the chances of success will be greater.  Together we’ll discuss your lifestyle, home setup, time availability, activity level and other things to take into consideration.  I will also explain the commitment your family will need to make to welcoming a new dog and the training required to give your new relationship the best start.

Rescues, re-homes and adoptions- if you have taken a mature dog into your family, thank you.  Mature dogs come with a history- sometimes we know what it is and sometimes we don’t.  One of my goals in dog training is to help you learn to read your dog using clues that have factual basis.  To that, I add clicker training so that your dog can easily read you.  Once we get that two-way conversation going, I’ll give humans and dogs some specific skills to work on that serve as a jumping off place for your life together.

Puppies- Starting a young puppy’s training can be done immediately.  Puppies learn a lot about their world every minute, so make that work for you!  We won’t put them in obedience boot camp, but rather teach them age appropriate behaviors such as coming when called and sitting to greet people so those are in place when they become bigger dogs.   Research has shown some key windows for things like socialization and exposure to new experiences.  I’ll help you  start training your pup with all these things in mind so that your puppy fits your lifestyle.

Charlie sit week 2


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