Behavioral Evaluation-

This includes an initial questionnaire followed by a visit from me to your home. I will observe your dog, alone and working with you and perhaps work with the dog myself to see how they respond. It allows me to see the dog’s environment so I can make relevant suggestions. We also spend time just discussing positive reinforcement and how it works, so that you can ask any questions you might have.  After that, I send you a written report which includes up to three management suggestions that gives you something to get started with right away. Most clients then continue on with a training package.

note- young puppies under 12 weeks can usually skip the evaluation and begin with training unless you would like an evaluation in order to meet me and see how I work.

$80 includes travel up to half hour from my home. See travel fees below for further distance.

Foundations Package

A 6 week package of lessons (to be completed within 9 weeks). Lessons are scheduled for the same time each week and last one hour. This package includes foundational behaviors for basic manners, but because this is private training in your home, we can customize it for your life with your dog.

$360 includes travel up to half hour from my home. See travel fees below for further distance. Bonus for new clients is my equipment starter package!

Real Life Skills

Sometimes people want additional help transitioning the foundations into everyday life. Learning to walk on leash in the home is very different from walking politely on leash around around town or on hiking trails. Sitting for a treat in the kitchen is different from learning to settle quietly in the vet’s office. The Foundations package is a pre-requisite unless you already have a skill level with positive reinforcement training.

Behavior Modification

Fearful, reactive, shy, stubborn? These are all labels but they don’t help us help our dogs. Modifying behavior requires an understanding of learning theory which most dog people don’t have. I can help you with these problems, giving you the skills to help your dog. I will share as much or as little of the science of behavior as you like. I attend animal behavior workshops and seminars on a regular basis so that you will get the most current and scientifically sound coaching.

Multi-dog Households

If you have more than one dog in your family, you may have unique challenges. These can include helping them get along with each other, managing different personalities or just daily life with more than one dog. The same foundational skills apply, and I can help you figure out what to do when to keep everyone safe and happy.

$75- Individual lesson

$190 – 3 lesson package

$360- 6 lesson package

$525- 9 lesson package

Travel fees

$30/hour billed in 15 min increments


One thought on “Products and Pricing

  1. Hello,
    I just finished a post about Beetle’s experience with Doggie Dementia. It left me in tears. I have my beaitiful Rayne, aB’Aussie, BC/Aussie Mix, who I thought might be experiencing Doggie Dementia. Although she’s not yet incontinent, her eye sight & hearing is limited, & she does waunder!!! The latter beijg something I’d never experienced before in any of my elderly dogs. I too was worried about the wandering at night. Hearing her nails tapping on the wooden & tile floors kept me up at night. One evening I too, brought in an X-pen, set her bed in iit, only leaving a limited amount of room for her to stand and/or lay in her bed. It was set up in the livingroom & I could see her in the X-pen from my bed. She would just be standing there, looking out, & I’d fall asleep watching her. By morning she was asleep in her bed, rather than the hard wooden floor. I stopped enclosing her because it seemed so stressful to both her & me, waiting for her to eventually decide to fall asleep. If I may, I’d like to present a scenario to you. I’d like to give Rayne more space in the X-pen, as was done for Beetle. However, I’m concerned that if I do Rayne will sleep on the wooden floor, rather than the dog bed. She has a bad back. Thank you so much for posting the story to facebook.
    Sincerely, Deborah Rohssler

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