Meet Eloise!


This is Eloise.  She is the face of The Dog Chapter at Bookends Farm.  Eloise came to live at Bookends Farm when she was a year and a half old.  She had a different name then and her people decided she wasn’t happy living in an apartment and spending a lot of time in a crate.  They were right.  They contacted a woman named Pauline who worked with Russell Refuge (Pauline now has her own rescue called Jacks Galore!).  I was looking for a snugly little girl and so Beetle and I went down to meet her.


She did not try to take Beetle’s tennis ball away from her so he said it was ok if she came home with us.  We named her Eloise because everyone at Bookends Farm and The Dog Chapter has a book themed name- she is named for Eloise in the children’s book…a wild haired little girl.  That Eloise lives in the city at the top of the Plaza Hotel.  This Eloise came to live on a farm.

The other thing about everyone at The Dog Chapter and Bookends Farm is that we use Clicker Training and Positive Reinforcement to do all our training.  And that is what this blog will be about.  I’m Jane, by the way.  I will be sharing stories of how Clicker Training and Positive Reinforcement work to be the best training we can use for our friends.


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  1. hi Jane;
    Laura Scribner Kastner here. I only write books on children and teens, but I think the positive reinforcement/clicker training is the best way to train dogs (all my dogs got this training), and I worship dog trainers. You might want to see if clickers work with children at some point…I never tried it 🙂 But most dog training absolutely applies to childrearing–love, limits and understanding.
    good luck with your blog (I could never do what I do without dogs and nature as my respite!!!!)
    Love, your fan Laura

    1. Hi Laura! Thanks for responding. So glad to hear your dogs are being trained with +R 🙂 Old BF Skinner knew what he was talking about, eh?
      You can absolutely use clickers with children. Check out Many years ago when I was at a horse training clinic, my mentor, Alexandra Kurland, told me about TAGteach and I absolutely love it. It is amazingly helpful with teaching people of all ages about riding, horse management, and training skills for dogs, horses or other.
      TAGteach is used in many fields- sports (dance, gymnastics, soccer, you name it), business management (teaching skills to employees of different native languages and cultures on a fishing vessel!), and yes, working with developmentally disabled. There is a new book out called From Chaos to Calm: Effective Parenting of Challenging Children with ADHD and other Behavioral Problems.*Version*=1&*entries*=0&ie=UTF8&pldnNew=1 The author is a parent of an autistic child and the book is getting rave reviews on Amazon. If I didn’t already have so many half read books on my bedside table….
      Reciprocal fan-

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